We can never know what will happen next second, so we need to make full preparation to protect ourselves. You even forget the first aid kit in the corner of your luggage, but it will play a huge role even to save your life when the accidents coming.

First aid kits are divided into several categories: family, outdoor, military and police, hospital and disaster prevention. Here, I want to talk about outdoor first aid kits.

outdoor first aid kit

What’s an outdoor first aid kit?

The outdoor first aid kit is designed for field workers and outdoor enthusiasts, especially long-distance trips or outings. It is mainly used for the first rescue, such as injury, illness, or being bitten by snakes and insects, and usually divided into two parts, medicine and medical equipment.

What’s in the outdoor first aid kit?

Part 1-Medicine

The following are some common medications, including cold medicine, febrifuge, antiphlogistic, gastrointestinal medicine.

Actually, you need to choose some medicine according to your personal physical conditions. For example, If you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or other diseases that may attack suddenly, you should also carry extra medication for a particular treatment.

What’s more, you should consider the environment and weather of your destination.

Prepare heatstroke medicine when you go to a hot place. Prepare mosquito bite medicine when you go to a place with lots of trees and humidity. Prepare American ginseng when you go to the plateau. The choice of those medicine needs to according to the environment.


Part 2-Medical equipment

Different from medicine, a medical bag is important assistance for some sudden accidents or trauma.

1. Trauma Suppliers

It is easy to be scratched outdoor, so it is necessary to prepare such as band-aids, disinfection gauze, alcohol cotton, normal saline, cotton swabs, bandages, tourniquets, etc. Deal with bleeding wounds to avoid bacterial infection for the first time.

2. Fracture Suppliers

In the case of fracture, some emergent rescue can enable the post-treatment more effective. Some fracture suppliers, such as bandages, triangle towels, small splints are quite needed.

medical equipment

3. Survival Suppliers

This kind of supplier is close to physical condition. Our physical is sensitive to external conditions, such as temperature, humidity, etc. Therefore, maybe it is a must to put an emergency blanket in the outdoor first aid kit. What’s an emergency blanket? That’ is really a nice tool for every kind of adventure! Made from the silver-plated aluminum film, which has a large room, lightweight, foldable, waterproof. It is an insulating material that can avoid the sunlight in Summer and keep warm in Winter to keep men’s temperature in extra conditions. Moreover, its reflective appearance can be easily found in dark or when need to rescue. Further, an emergency blanket even can be used as a temporary stretcher in when emergency situation.

4. Other Accessories

Such as flashlight, knife, scissor, whistle, wet wipes, thermometer, safety pins, etc.

So much as above, suggested tips for you as below——

①Check the production date and its specification before traveling.

②Keep these medicines or medical equipment in transparent pockets and classify different kinds of medicine as possible for quick access.

Outdoor First Aid Kit—SK85020


③Prepare some plastic bags to protect your medicine from being wet.

Finally, remember that what you prepare is important for first aid, but you needn’t prepare everything, because what you do is to prevent and reduce the situation worse.