When choosing a laptop bag, many people are often indecisive to choose a laptop case or a backpack. We think that no matter which one is, we can choose it according to our preferences and needs.

Here are few points about choosing laptop case and laptop backpack:

1. Scene

The most important factor in choosing a laptop bag is the scene. Just as when we are preparing to go to the company for an interview, we often wear formal wear, which represents our image and attitude. If it’s just a daily commute, and you need to put some documents or other small items, of course, a backpack is the best choice because the backpack can meet the storage needs, and it can also free your hands during commuting. However, if you need to visit customers, the laptop case looks more formal and matches more with formal wear.

laptop backpack

2. Distance

If it’s a short-distance business trip, you don’t need much to bring. For the workplace, you can often choose a shoulder laptop case, which can not only keep your image but also free your hand for convenient travel. If it’s a long-distance business trip, with a lot of luggage, we usually choose a laptop backpack to release our hands.

Casual Laptop Backpack–SK28065

  • 800D Waterproof PVC tarpaulin
  • Airflow back-panel keeps you cool and dry in summer
  • YKK Aquaguard zippers and bonded seam construction
  • Ergonomical shoulder-straps assuring optimized comfort and load carry
  • External quick-access pocket for essentials like keys, wallet, and phone
  • Hidden pockets in the back to keep your values

3. Age

Different ages have different preferences. For many young people, a laptop backpack will make them energetic, and people don’t think that young people are not formal with a backpack. Older people, such as middle-aged people, tend to choose laptop cases, which are more suitable for their age style than laptop backpacks.

  • High-density polyester fabric
  • Multiple compartments
  • Durable grab handle
  • Concealed shoulder straps
  • Detachable strap
  • Double-way zippers
  • Three front pockets
  • Can hold a 15-16 inch laptop

4. Season

Why is the season also a consideration? In summer, when you carry a laptop backpack, will your back become extremely hot? But in winter, backpacks give you warmth. So in summer, maybe you can choose a laptop case. In winter, backpacks will be more popular.

The above points are the objective factors for choosing a laptop case or a laptop backpack. What kind of laptop bag you really choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.