2021 is coming, everyone has his/her expectation for a hopeful new life.

Looking back this year, here I want to share with you the 6 best selling bags of this year.

Some reasons make these products stand out in their catalogue. ①High-quality: Quality is the first. No one will refuse a top-quality product even it is not so pretty. ②Competitive Price: Price is a key factor for every kind of industry, some pursue quality and can accept high prices; some prefer preferential prices. ③Unique Style: Special design tends to attract people’s attention. It is different from the first point, some people may choose a special product they like even its quality not so nice.

1. Best Dry Bag——SK610118

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a dry bag can help you to keep your personal gear dry (such as clothes, flashlight, cards, umbrella, sleeping bags, knives, food, compass, tool, etc). and safe anytime. Even though you don’t choose a water sport, the changeable weather outside can also make dry bags become a necessity.

This Dry Bag is made from high-quality TPU material, which is heavy-duty, 100% waterproof. This kind of material can bear your all outdoor necessities and never worry about it will be tore.

With high-frequency welded seams, waterproof Tpu fabric and airtight zipper, there is no stitching holes in this bag, so it is 100% waterproof and leakproof and even can float on the water when being absolutely sealed.

You need a tent or a sleeping bag if you want to spend the night outside. The clasp straps on the bottom are a highlight of this dry bag, you can put sleeping bags, tents.

The rolltop closure not only enlarges the capacity but makes the items inside the bag easily accessible.

It comes with two adjustable straps, a sternum strap and a detachable and adjustable waist belt, which maximizes the best comfortability for shoulders and back. Furthermore, the ergonomic foam padded back panel also relieves the pressure from heavy.

It can be used for all kinds of outdoor sports, such as surfing, trekking, kayaking, boating, canoeing, camping, hiking, climbing, etc.

      2020 Best Dry Bag—SK610118

  • Heavy-duty TPU material
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Durable clasp straps for tent/sleeping bag
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap
  • Adjustable and detachable waist belt
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Ergonomic back panel

2. Best Cooler Bag——SK25039

A cooler bag is a perfect choice for a picnic or beach activities because people enjoy a relaxing time with bottles of drinks.

This cooler backpack is made from durable waterproof TPU exterior material and food-grade, non-toxic, low- penetration PEVA liner, air or water hardly enter or out of the backpack. The airtight zipper also ensures the insulating effect of this cooler backpack. PEVA liner has a nice insulated effect, drinks can keep cold for hours after placing some ice packs and totally close.

Some other smart designs are worth attention. The front pocket can put some small items, such as a knife, straws. The side molle system can hang some extra items. The reflective remarks on the shoulder straps make the backpack can be easily found even in the dark.

It comes with adjustable foam padded shoulder straps, sternum strap and ergonomic back panel to relieve the pressure on people’s back and shoulders.

      2020 Best Cooler Bag—SK25039

  • Insulated & environmentally-friendly PEVA liner
  • Waterproof & durable TPU exterior material
  • Airtight zipper
  • Side daisy chains
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Waterproof front pocket
  • Reflective strips

3. Best Diaper Bag——SK18013

A mom needs to carry lots of items when she takes her baby out, such as bottles, diapers, tissue, changing clothes, etc, so a diaper bag is a must-have.

This diaper backpack covers all key factors for a diaper bag.

The Aluminum foil front pocket can put breastmilk smoothly and warm, after all, bottles are a pacify when babies cry.

Specific diaper pocket makes the backpack well-organized, mom can access the diaper quickly.

Babies may make their face or hand dirty when eating or drinking sth. So carrying a tissue is also a necessity. There is a specific tissue pocket on the side, which is quite convenient.

It comes with a changing pad that can help a lot when changing diapers. Two stroller straps can be attached to a stroller for easy transportation.

      2020 Best Diaper Bag—SK18013

  • Tissue and wet wipes pockets
  • Changing pad
  • Stroller straps for easier transportation
  • Diaper pocket
  • Aluminum foil Insulate bottle pouches
  • Anti-theft back pocket

4. Best Pet Bag——SK82003

If you have a dog or cat, a pet bag can help you a lot when you carry your pet go out, especially when you riding a bike. It can keep your pet safe and comfortable, you don’t have to worry about your pet will run around.

This pet backpack comes with two entrances, one front entrance, one top entrance, two entrances is a mesh design that can ensure your pet breathe on-the-go, besides, it is large enough for easier placing the dog.

Made from high-duty Polyester, durable to withstand scratching. Firm structure to reduce shaking inside the interior compartment. A clasp hook inside to attach the pet belt, which effectively protects your pet.

It features a detachable strap, so the pet bag can be a backpack or a shoulder bag for a convenient commute.

Four extra pockets outside the bag can place other small items, including a specific pouch for a garbage bag to clean the pet feces; a bottle pocket; two other pockets can put other stuff, such as snacks, toys, tools, leash, etc.

This pet backpack is comfortable for people and pets. For the carrier, with the ergonomic foam padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap and waist strap to provide the best comfort. For pet, there are two changing mat on the side and the bottom, which is soft and warm for your pet.

      2020 Best pet Bag—SK82003

  • Eco-friendly polyester material
  • Two entrances
  • Mesh breathable window
  • Changeable and cleanable pads
  • Reinforced structure
  • Multiple pockets for small items

5. Best Medical Bag——SK85003

This is a functional medical bag, a carry handle on the top, a detachable shoulder strap makes it portable and easy to carry.

Multiple compartments. 1 main compartment pocket with multiple detachable and movable dividers for medical suppliers in order; 1 transparent interior pouch can access medical equipment clearly; 1 front pocket, 1 rear pocket, two side pockets, which can place other medical equipment.

Some reflective remarks around the medical bag make it can be found in the dark.

      2020 Best medical Bag—SK85003

  • Multiple pockets can hold lots of medical equipment
  • Detachable internal layers
  • Internal transparent pocket
  • Two-way zipper
  • comfortable and durable handle
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap

6. Best Bicycle Bag——SK89002

The new design of the elastic handle strap can supply an easy installation and quick moving. You just need to pull the elastic handle strap, and it will automatically lock onto the rack the moment after you loosen it.

The 360-degree rotatable bracket is used to secure the bag to the sidebars to prevent the bag from bouncing out. It can be easily adjusted without additional tools which become a real quick release system.

Made from 100% waterproof and heavy-duty TPU material, the bicycle can hold your gear and do not worry about it will be torn. Waterproofness can protect all items dry on-the-go even on a rainy day.

Some reflective strips on both sides of the bag ensure your nighttime riding safety. Steel plate on the bottom to avoid abrasion and tear.

      2020 Best bicycle Bag—SK89002

  • 100% Waterproof and durable TPU fabric
  • High-quality release buckles
  • Scratch-resistant bottom
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • 360° rotating buckle
  • Adjustable horizontally
  • Reflective strip
  • 1 front waterproof pocket