During COVID-19, we protect ourselves by wearing masks, washing our hands to resist virus infection. However, other things we often touch also worth attention. Such as our mobile telephone, keys, masks, iPad, underwears, gloves, etc. because we may be infected by touching these things.

Technology makes disinfection easier. Different kinds of disinfection kits appear in the market and the UVC disinfection bag stands out for its portability.

FAQ for the UVC disinfection bags

1. What’s UVC disinfection bags?

The UVC disinfection bag designed by UVC LED lamps for daily use sterilization, such as keys, mobile phone, underwear, iPad, bottle, mask, toys, towels, etc. Most common bacteria (such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, golden Globus) will be kilLED when they are exposed to these UVC LED lamps.

2. What are the advantages of UVC disinfection bags?

①High security: The penetration of UVC is weak and there is a protective layer outside to make sure people can’t be harmed by the UVC disinfection bag.

②Portability: Most UVC disinfection bag has a moderate size that is suitable for family or traveling.

③Effective sterilization: Three minutes in the UVC disinfection bag is equal to six hours in the sun. Sterilization will not be restricted by weather.

Product Key Features:


  • Disinfection performance up to 99.9%
  • Kill bacterias within three minutes
  • Easy to use by a button
  • 360° all-round LED UVC sterilizer
  • Micro USB charging
  • Suitable for daily use, such as keys, mobile phone, masks, gloves, underwear, toys, bottles, etc.
  • High-quality & Preferential price
  • High-efficiency & safety

3.How to use UVC disinfection bags?

The usage of the UVC disinfection bag is very easy, take our portable folding UVC disinfection bag as an example, just as the following picture shows (open the UVC disinfection bag—organize the sterilized rack—put belongings on the rack—close the UVC disinfection bag—connect the USB power—press the button—three minutes sterilization—-take out your belongings. (Suggestion: Don’t put many items in the UVC disinfection bag at a time to make sure the LED lamps can shine fully During that three minutes, you can watch the UVC LED lamps are on, and when the time comes, the LED lamps will go out automatically ).

4. What can be sterilized with UVC disinfection bags?

Most dry items can be sterilized in UVC disinfection bags, such as bottles, keys, mobile phone, sunglasses, toys, underwear, towels, make-up tools, watches, etc. But some wet or damping items can’t be put in the UVC disinfection bag, because the sterilization system of the UVC disinfection bag is made from the circuit board, LED lamp beads and other electronic components, which is damped will affect the normal use and even damage.

5. Do UVC disinfection bags harm the human body?

The UVC disinfection bag will not do harm to people when used in the right way. The sterilization process is in a sealed  LED room, what’s more, there is a protective layer in the UVC disinfection bag, so people will not be exposed to the UVC light. Therefore, it is important to close the UVC disinfection bag before connecting the USB power and do not put your hands in the UVC disinfection bag during sterilization.

We are exposed to a diverse natural environment and in order to prevent bacterial infection, some measures are necessary. The UVC disinfection bag is really a good option for self-protection.