MOLLE, I first know this word when I viewed an introduction of a tactical backpack. It is so strange that why there are some net webbings on the backpack, and they are regular and neat.

What’s this and how they work? Two questions occur in my mind.

In the beginning, I don’t know why it was called MOLLE, so I searched on the net. I got it!


1. Origin

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) was originated in the late 1990s from the US army, which instead of the tactical vest and become a kind of tactical loading way for soldiers. Actually, MOLLE grows out of PALS. PALS is also a kind of modular load-carrying system, people used PALS to MOLLE and developed MOLLE widely.


2. Function

MOLLE can make sure the individual and the tactical system as one for modern soldiers and Marines, to enhance their survivability and combat. Weapons, ammunition bags, knives and other equipment can be attached to backpacks or tactical vests for quick access.


3. Use

Normally, the width of these webbings is 3.8 cm and the interval is 2.5 cm. Attachment bags with webbings or hooks can be attached to the MOLLE system. Not only weapons, ammunition bags, knives, such as bottle pouch, waist bag, medical kit or attachment bags can be attached to MOLLE by connecting webbings or clips. Traditional connect webbings are designed with buttons. Plug the webbings of the attachment bags into the MOLLE webbings times, then button up. There are other connect straps, but the connect ways are the same. Different groups can arrange their MOLLE according to their actual needs.


Convenient, portable and flexible. Nowadays, MOLLE is widely used in bag manufacture, not just tactical bag. Some MOLLE backpacks are designed for survival, hiking and jungle enthusiasts.

MOLLE Backpack