Canine friends make the world more vivid, vigorous and vary.

A dog carrier makes it easier to carry those friends when leaving home. And what kind of dog carrier is best for your friend?

1. Suitable Size:

Just like us, we choose shoes by our shoe size, too big or too small shoes always make us uncomfortable or painful. So you need to measure your dog’s size first and check the size table of the dog carrier before considering buying it. What size dog carrier should you get? Undoubtedly, the dog carrier must be bigger than your dog. But it can’t too large, normally, a dog carrier is higher than your dog’s back. It leaves rooms when your dog sits or stands. And the length, like the height, the dog carrier must be longer than the lengths from the dog’s head to his hip. The width also needs lager than the dog. It looks such be better if you carry your pet to a pet store for better selection personally. So, don’t forget to measure the total length and the height of your dog.

measure dog zize

2. Reasonable Style:

Hard-sided dog carriers are hard-shell. It is usually used to transport some huge dogs that can be placed under the seat by air but some carriers are approved by the airlines now.

hard-sided carrier

Soft-sided dog carriers are the most popular to transport some smaller dogs, which is designed to be lightweight and foldable.

Soft-sided carrier

Wearable dog carriers are only suitable for those little dogs. Like a baby carrier, it can carry your puppy anywhere and free your hand. Your dog can nestle or keep his head to look around on-the-go. Some wearable carriers come with zippers for improved security.

wearable dog carrier

Wheeled dog carriers are a more relaxed way to take your friend, after all, you may feel heavy when taking even a little dog for a long distance. But it is not suitable for some rugged road, such as hiking. It is recommended for city walking.

Wheeled Carrier

3. Comfortable Design:

Breathable. Every animal can’t live without air. Thus, it is a must-have that a dog carrier should have nice breathability no matter it is a hard-shell or soft-sided carrier. Hard-shell carriers are designed by some holes like fences. Soft-sided carriers are designed with mesh window. All to be better breathability.

breathable dog carrier

Soft main compartment. To reduce the uncomfortable of your dog in the carrier, manufacturers must take it into consideration. It can add some soft cushions inside, and it is the perfect size to fix to the carrier, otherwise, your dog may take it as a toy. Although it should be fixed on the carrier, it is detachable for washing.

soft dog carrier

Not only one entrance. Why it is better for your dog when the carrier has not only one entrance? Traditionally, you need a long time to place your dog inside the carrier through the front door. To be sure, if you are free that is not a problem. Some dog carriers come with a top door that the owners can easily lift their dog and place him inside.

two entrances dog carrier

Multiple compartments. More compartment can put some extra necessities when going out. Some carriers are designed with some pockets for garbage bag or tissue, I think it is really smart because the owners are likely to clean the dogs’ droppings outside.

multiple compartments dog carrier

Non-toxic. To better protect your dog, you should choose a carrier with harmless and odorless to avoid your dog being harm. Furthermore, it is worth to attention that some dogs are sensitive to some material, therefore, the material of the cushions also needs to concern.

A suitable dog carrier makes it lightweight and convenient whether you have to free your hand or when your older or an infirm dog still enjoys walking with you.