Many outdoor enthusiasts usually do lots of preparation for their trip, considering the travel plan, weather, food, tools, cards, etc. An outdoor travel backpack becomes a must-have for these necessities, which can make traveling easier.

Before you choose a travel backpack, some elements you need to focus on, such as the size, the material, the structure.

About the size, it depends on how long is your journey, the longer your trip, the bigger your backpack. There is no doubt that the bigger backpack can hold your more belongings, but we also know from that a too big bag will make you unsatisfied. Additionally, it is unnecessary to carry a super large backpack when you just have a day trip.

The material of the backpack for a trip also quite important, and whether the material is good or not mainly depends on its waterproofness and toughness. Most travel backpacks are durable, tear-resistant to prevent the backpack been broke from the heavy load. And do we need a fully waterproof travel backpack? Actually, you don’t need totally waterproof travel unless you go to the jungles. But some waterproof kit you must take in hand to resist the unpredictable shower, such as an umbrella, a raincoat, a cover, etc.

The structure of the travel backpack here mainly refers to its compartments and back panel. Multiple pockets can provide more practical room for extra items, for example, two side pockets can put a water bottle and an umbrella; a front pocket for quick access; a back pocket to keep your values safe; an external elastic rope to put a helmet or a sleeping kit.

After all, judge a travel backpack good or bad is based on different demands. Some travel backpacks are perfect for you, perhaps that one is not suitable for me.

Now, let’s comment on the following travel backpack.

Travel Backpack—SK61049

1.Moderate Capacity: 30L

Such capacity for a travel backpack is not quite big, but it is enough for those who enjoy a day trip, weekend, climbing, hiking, camping, picnic, etc. It is enough for some necessities, such as food, drinks, an umbrella, clothes, a flashlight, rain cover, map, cards, etc.

travel backpack

2.Water-resistant & Durable Polyester Material

The heavy-duty Polyester material of this travel backpack can resist tearing that happens from the heavy load. Besides, the polyester fabric can prevent your gear from the damp outdoor condition. But it is not suitable for jungles or a rainy place.

3.Ample Compartment

It is worthy that there are multiple pockets in this travel backpack, especially the top elastic rope that can put your sleeping kit, and the drawstring opening can enlarge the interior capacity. Except for the main compartment, two side pockets on the side for your water bottle and umbrella.

4.Convenient Flip design & Durable Release Buckles

The flip design with two release buckles provides an easy way for quick-access, you don’t need to find your zipper pullers anymore. What’s more, this design can avoid forgetting to zip your backpack and result in your values lost.

5.Excellent Adjustable Straps

Each 2 adjustable flip straps, side straps, shoulder straps, chest straps, waist belts work together to provide you the best comfort, say no to flabby.

6.Ergonomical Back Panel

The foam-padded and ergonomic back panel can highly relieve the stress on your shoulder and back from the heavy.

Hope these points can help you to choose a suitable travel backpack.