When you pick a backpack, except the appearance, whether you care about the size? Do you ever feel uncomfortable or think your backpack is not suitable for you?

Why do we need the correct size of a backpack?

1. For Comfortable

If the size of your backpack is too big or too small, the weight from your loads can’t be balanced properly which is likely to cause your back and shoulders pain or even falling. Personally, the heavy load from a backpack like a skyscraper frequently make me unbreathable and caused my shoulders and back pain before. Everyone wants to enjoy a relaxed and lightweight journey not a hard journey. It doesn’t mean that you should choose a rough small backpack, just choose an appropriate backpack that suitable for your body type and actual needs. What matters is that your backpack should be proportional to your body that might mean a backpack that is 40 liters or 60 liters.

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2. For Storage Need

As the above saying, it doesn’t mean that there are no pros to the big size of backpacks, You will never worry about your stuff will overflow. A small backpack also stands for a smaller room inside the backpack, surely, you will feel relax and flexible, but it can’t meet your storage needs when you go out for a long trip. Thus, the size of the backpack also mainly depends on your storage needs.

3. For Airline Permission

It is a bothering problem that you have to pay baggage fees if the size of your backpack is beyond the restriction airline rules when flying internationally. Just remember that the bigger your backpack is, the less opportunity that you’ll be able to carry it on the airline free. Additionally, most baggage sizes are 45 linear inches (22×14 x9 in) or 115 centimeters (56x36x23 cm) including handles and wheels so if you get a backpack with those dimensions, you’ll be able to carry on. So, don’t forget to measure the size of your backpack before your trip.

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Hope these opinions about the size of the backpack can really help you to know the importance of choosing the right size backpack, and enjoy your every trip lightly.