Many people carry their food and drinks in an insulated bag when they go to a picnic or other outdoor activities. With its portability and excellent insulating effectthe insulated bag has become popular now.

1. Brief Definition:

The insulated bag is a kind of pack that can keep food and drinks cold or warm for a certain period. It can be divided into cooler bags for keeping sth cold; lunch bags for keeping sth warm.

2. Uses & Features


② “Cooler Bag”

This kind of insulated bag is used for the preservation of drinks, fruits, breast milk/tea/seafood, etc.; it is also used for the refrigerated transportation of drugs, vaccines and other things.

Cooler Bag

②”Lunch Bag

A little different from the cooler bag, lunch bags are used to carry some food, such as lunch, snacks, food delivery, etc.

lunch bag

3. Features:

1)Exterior Material:

Most exterior fabric of the insulated bag is Oxford or Polyester, which is durable, high-strength and soft. Some use TPU with high-frequency thermally welded seams, which is waterproof and leakproof.


Aluminum foil or sliver foil: Widely used in lunch bags, which is durable, soft and cheap. With its low thermal conductivity to gather air in the bag and keep food warm. Its layer is made from different materials, such as PE, XPE, EPE, etc. The thicker liner, the better the insulation effect.

PEVA: It is a nontoxic Vinyl, a mixture of PE and EVA, which has good flexibility and elasticity. Most are leakproof which can hold cans with ice packs.

Insulated Bag Liners


Some insulated bags are made by high-frequency thermally welded seams instead of traditional stitching sewing to integrate the whole bag body and prolong the inside temperature.

4) Shock-proof

The insulated bag features excellent impact resistance, not easy to tear under heavy load, on the other way, stuffs inside the bag can not be oppressed.


It is a must for each insulated bag because tightness is necessary for preservation. There are different sealed ways, as the above points use thermally welded technology to reduce heat lost from traditional sewing. Besides, a zipper is also a vital key to ensure the tightness for an insulated bag.

6) Environmental Protection

Insulated bags are used food grade environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, UV resistant.

4. Conclusion:

There are plenty of options on the market, you can take these basic tips before considering buying an insulated bag, it can help you to make a better choice. It is sure that what you choose one should according to your actual needs, different occasions may need to choose a different kind of insulated bags.