There are many kinds of bags in the market, like me, I have different bags, for example, a laptop backpack for work, an outdoor backpack for travel, a casual backpack for daily shopping.

It is clear that different kinds of bags for different purposes. In other words, they feature specific functions.

Before I become a mom, I don’t know the existence of the diaper bag totally. How the difference between diaper backpacks and general backpacks?

Now, I am a mom of a little one, I think a diaper bag is a must-have for every maternity.


A baby needs lots of stuff when you are not at home or on the road, you need to take care of the little one, you don’t have the third hand to deal with other items. A baby is so little, but we need to consider that many things may happen outside.

My baby will cry when he is hungry or his diaper wet. In such a situation, he needs a warm bottle or a dry comfortable diaper. Besides, you need to clean or change the baby’s clothes but you can’t easily find a mommy and baby room outside to change his diaper.

Many unpredicted things may happen outside, so a mom should make full preparation before she goes out. So, a diaper bag is an essential need for every mom to carry their baby’s stuff, which can help a mom a lot.

A perfect diaper bag should contain the following essential features:

1. Thermally Insulated Compartment

When I was a breastfeeding mom who also pumps, I regularly prepare some bottles for my baby, so a diaper bag with thermally insulated pockets is vitally important for me, it can keep the breastmilk warm at a certain period when I and my baby are not at home. And, the insulated is made of specific material—Aluminum foil is the most used in the thermally insulated compartment.

2. Stroller Straps

Stroller straps for a diaper bag are absolutely necessary. A commonplace appears in all strollers I bought, which is the narrow storage compartments at the bottom for a diaper bag. It is really inconvenient for me to put or access stuff because I have to bend over with its small room. With the stroller straps, which can be attached to the top of the stroller, I can access the baby’s stuff directly. What’s more, I need to hold my boy when he feels uncomfortable in the stroller. So, if the diaper bag can be fixed on the stroller, I can free my hand and take care of my little one.

3. A Changing Pad

A changing pad is a must-have for any diaper bag! It is hard to find a mother-infant room in public. But a baby needs to change his or her diaper on-the-go. Even if you can find a mother-infant room outside, you want a better and comfortable room for your baby during changing the diaper. With the changing pad, it is soft and big enough to provide a cozy condition for your baby and avoid crying.

4. Diaper pockets & Tissue/Wipes Pockets

Having designed pockets can help me arrange items orderly and find what I am looking for more easily. A diaper pocket can hold a baby’s diapers neatly. When my baby eats or drinks outside, I need to clean his face, little hands, clothes, even the surrounding. So, a wipes/tissue pocket is perfect for any diaper bag.

Well, the above are the four essentials I think about a diaper, with these smart designs, will help a mom and her baby a lot during on-the-go. You can take it as a reference before you consider choosing a diaper bag.