As mentioned in the previous article, body type, storage needs and airline limitation are three factors to choose the correct size backpack.

Today, let’s talk about how to choose a backpack according to your body type. If you ignore the body type to choose a backpack, which may end up with a too large or too small backpack and cause your back and shoulders harm.

Body type here doesn’t mean your height and weight. That should be torso length and hip length.

What’s torso length and hip length?

Simply speaking, your torso is the main part of your body but does not include your head, arms, and legs. Surely, you carry your backpack on your back, so the torso length mainly stands for the upper part of the body. Strictly speaking, it is the length from the cervical vertebra to the transverse bone. And what’s the hip length? That’ is the length of your hip.

How to measure your torso length and hip length?

In order to measure accurately, you may need a friend and a flexible tape measure.

1. Measure your torso length

①Tilt your head forward and look for a bone mass between your neck and the slope of your shoulders. This area, known as the C7 cervical vertebra, and it’s also the upper area of your torso length.

②Slide your hands down over the chest to the top of the hipbones. This is known as the iliac crest. When you do this, point your index finger forward, thumb in, and draw an imaginary line between your thumbs. This is the bottom area of your torso length.

③Stand up with your back straight and ask your friend to measure the space between your thumbs and the imaginary line and the C7 cervical vertebra.

This is the measurement of your torso.

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2. Measure your hip length

To measure your hip size, wrap a tape measure around the top of your hips, and hug the iliac crest you found when measuring your torso length. This line is slightly higher than your belt line, so the hip length is slightly different from the pant-waist size.

Knowing the torso length and hip length, you can choose a backpack according to the size chart. Torso ranges for backpack sizes vary between brands and models, so be sure to check the size chart of any backpack you are considering.