What do you know about the material of your bags? Unlike clothes, we may more sensitive to the material of our clothes, maybe cotton, silk, leather, etc. But, we are used to choosing a bag according to its appearance, not the material. If you like outdoor activities, the material of your bag is a key factor before you buying an outdoor backpack because the weather always changes unpredictably.

Nylon is widely used in backpacks because it is smooth, durable, lightweight, anti-mildew, easy to shaped.


High Elasticity: Nylon has a high elasticity compared to other materials, so it can load heavy-duty items without worrying about breaking. Moreover, Nylon can promptly return its original form without any creases after being pressed. So, it can satisfy someone who pursuit in perfect.

Water-resistant: Nylon is a water-resistant fabric, meaning water can’t enter the inside easily. Water will roll off the surface and the surface can dry promptly. Therefore, the belongings will not be socked or destroy when you take a nylon backpack in a bad condition.

Strength: Nylon is a durable strength that will not lose its sturdy with ages. It is one of the lightest textiles and one of the strongest textiles. The fabric is also abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, with a smooth appearance for a long time and any surface wrinkles produced in daily activities can be quickly removed.

Mildew-resistant: Nylon can effectively resist mildew, mold, fungi in any conditions, even when it is exposed to humid conditions or sunlight, it still keeps its original property.

Easy to Clean: With its smooth surface, you can clean the surface easily with flushed water or a damp cloth. That’ is a highlight of nylon fabric, because dirt will not stick to its appearance

So many advantages of nylon fabric don’t mean that it is perfect.


Sealed Closure: As the above says, nylon is waterproof, water can’t enter the inside compartment easily. On the opposite way, the interior air or water can’t come out easily through the surface, so maybe it is a good choice to store your food in the winter, but the heat always stays in the insulated condition will make the food destroy in the hot condition.

Easily to ruined by bleach and acid: Nylon will be destroyed by bleach or acid. Because the bleaching agent can melt nylon delicate fiber quickly. Even when nylon backpack exposing to low-solubility acid condition, which can react to each other, and the nylon construction and original properties will be ruined. Therefore, you should avoid your nylon backpack being exposed to bleach or acid.

High affinity to dyes: Nylon fabric has a high affinity to dyes, so it can absorb other colors when you put it with other materials, and even some grey will appear in this process. In addition, the absorbed colors can’ be wash easily by regular soap easily, because the absorbed colors will be mixed into the nylon fabric permanently. So, wash nylon backpack separately with other fabrics.