For many people, not just for a cyclist, the bicycle is popular commuting transportation. In a big way, the use of bicycles can reduce the greenhouse effect on people. From a small perspective, bicycles not only can as transportation but help people keep fit.

For me, I still enjoy the feeling when the wind blows on my face when I am riding a bike. Unlike seating in the car, which is a restraint room, and the most thing that barring me is I can’t do everything when I meet a traffic jam.

So, the bicycle is really convenient and relax commuting way for people.

As time goes, riding a bike is becoming a casual way to relax when the weekend comes, we like to have a picnic or camping with our friends or family members by bike.

And how to make our cycling journey more easier and relax?

I think a pannier is a must-have.

What’s a pannier?

Generally speaking, a pannier is a bicycle bag that can install at the bicycle racks, so it is not the same as traditional cycling backpacks, the biker can free their hands during cycling.

The advantages of pannier

①Because the pannier is installed on the bicycle racks, so we don’t feel sweaty in the Summer, and it will not wreck your expensive raincoat when a rainy day.

②Without the restraint on your back, you can free your hand and reduce the hardness from the heavy-duty loads. It can help you to control your bike easier.

③We always need to take some necessities on our cycling trip, such as a water bottle, food, towel, raincoat, etc. So the pannier can hold those items conveniently.

How to Make a Pannier 100% Waterproof?

The most important factor for an excellent pannier is waterproofing. Not just a rainy day, the pannier is easy to be splashed by sewage, so it is a must for a pannier to feature waterproofing.

So, how to guarantee the pannier 100% waterproof?

The material, opening, sewing method, zipper selection is three key to guarantee the full waterproofing. Skysoar Waterproof Pannier is made of TPU fabric, which is a waterproof material, can effectively prevent the items inside the bag from water, dust, and splashed sewage. Besides, the kind of fabric is easy to clean.

The second is the opening way, Skysoar Waterproof Pannier applies the roll-top closure to block the water leak in. The roll-top is secured with a two-part strapping system: featuring two large elasticated buckle straps on each end, and one securing strap that pulls over the top of the roll-down. Two-part adjustable straps with durable release can not only guarantee waterproofness but expand the interior capacity.

The sewing method is also a vital element. Skysoar Waterproof Pannier is produced by high-frequency welded seams, a kind of heat melting technology that can make a pannier without sewing pinholes, therefore, there are no opportunities for water leaking in.

The last is the zipper. It is sure that a pannier has external pockets, the water has no excess to enter the pocket, which also guarantees the waterproofing of the pannier. Therefore, it is sure that the pannier should use an airtight zipper, the airtight zipper can resist the water entering the pocket and the interior compartment.

How to install the pannier to the bicycle racks?

The Skysoar Waterproof Pannier set uses a durable and effective mounting system to install the pannier to the rack tube durability. The latest upgraded mounting set features an elastic handle to pull the two release clips at the same time and release them to integrate with the rack tube quickly. It is easy to operate and detach. Besides, the back bottom of the Skysoar Waterproof Pannier is a 360°rotated buckle, that can enlarge the stability when it buckles to the rack tube. The elastic handle, clips and hook release buckles, 360°rotated buckle works together to strengthen the safety and durability.

Some may worry about the pannier will wear the rack, actually, it is ok. I’ve been using the pannier for months, and the rack is still working perfectly.

To put it into a nutshell, a pannier is a really sensible choice for no matter commuting or daily trip. With Skysoar Waterproof Pannier, just enjoying the cycling journey, 100% waterproofing, quick-release and the durable mounting system work together to provide you with the best cycling feeling.