Do you still carry your bicycle backpack when you are cycling? Why not choose a pannier? What’s a pannier? And what’s the latest pannier? What features that the latest pannier should behave?

Choose a pannier instead of a cycling backpack.

Cycling backpack VS Pannier


When you put on a cycling backpack, even if it has a breathable back panel, you may still feel sweaty because it clings to your back. While you don’t worry about this when you attach your pannier on your bicycle rear rack because you don’t need to touch the pannier when you are cycling.

No pressure on the back and shoulder

You need to bend your back when riding, a cycling backpack will add a burden to your back, which is harmful to your back and shoulder. However, a pannier is attached to the bicycle rear rack, you will feel relax during your journey.

More flexible

You may be restrained by the cycling backpack while riding. But you can totally free your hands when you carry a pannier.

So, what is a pannier?

Named after the French word for baskets, panniers offer roomy storage, protection from weather and the ability to quickly disconnect from a rack on your bike so you can take your gear with you. They attach to racks using a simple system of spring-loaded hooks, clips or bungee cords. They can be used singly or in pairs, and are designed specifically for front or rear racks.

What’s the latest pannier? What features it should behave?

The latest pannier should feature the following six characteristics:

Upgraded Detachable Fasteners

Traditional fasteners need to release two buckles at the same time while keeping balance. The new design that elastic handle strap can supply an easy installation and quick moving. You just need to pull the elastic handle strap, and it will automatically lock onto the rack the moment after you loosen it.

Horizontal Adjustable Clips

Two clips are movable horizontally to meet different sizes of rear racks. Easy to assemble and unassembled, stable and durable, help you adjust the bag to the right position according to your bike rack.

360°Rotatable Bracket

The 360-degree rotatable bracket is used to secure the bag to the sidebars to prevent the bag from bouncing out. It can be easily adjusted without additional tools which become a real quick release system.

Reflective Strips & Steel Plate

Some reflective strips on both sides of the bag ensure your nighttime riding safety. Steel plate on the bottom to avoid abrasion and tear.

100% Waterproof

When you begin a long cycling journey, you may take your raincoat when the rain coming. While your necessities are also needed to be covered to protect your belongings from raindrops, dirt, dust and scratches. Thus a 100% waterproof pannier is perfect for cyclists. A total waterproof pannier is usually made from TPU, a kind of durable and waterproof material.

Suitable Size

Additionally, the proper size is also a key factor when cyclists choose a pannier. To make sure your heel does not contact the bag during your normal pedaling rotation. Too-large panniers (or those improperly mounted too far forward) can cause this impact and an unsafe riding situation.