The heavy mood that the COVID-19 has brought to everyone has slowly disappeared with the improvement of the virus in recent days. The virus has restricted everyone’s freedom to go out. Many people indicate that they plan to play outdoor activities with friends after the virus has completely disappeared

The beauty of outdoor activities is whatever the season and whatever the weather, the outdoors offers something special and different each time you step into it. Often it’s just a matter of consciously taking a break, disconnecting from technology and getting away from it all.

The first step for customers to go out for fun is to choose a backpack that suits them. So what we need to do is to constantly develop new products and give customers more choices.

According to the data, When people are preparing for going out, there are 84% of people will choose a large-capacity backpack, 88% will choose to buy a completely waterproof dry backpack. Therefore, in the future, waterproof dry backpacks will become a major trend.

What is our technology of waterproof Dry bags?

Our dry bags use high-frequency compression technology that is the machine picture uses high frequency oscillation to transmit the sound waves from the welding head to the welding surface of the work object, instantly causing the work object molecules to friction, reaching the melting point of the plastic, thus completing the rapid dissolution of the solid material and completing the welding; Welded lines also play a decorative role with strong adhesion. It not only can achieve the waterproof effect but clear embossing, so its surface has a three-dimensional relief effect.

What kind of waterproof bags can we provide you?

(HASP CLOSURE ROLLING TYPES): The handle of the dry bag is composed of a hasp and a roll top part. This gives it extra protection against liquids and keeps your items dry even when the bag is fully submerged. Whole dry bags are sealable to keep water from getting in.

(HYPALON ROLL TOP)These are predominantly used on roll-top dry bags because it seals out water more effectively. The rolling of the top and the snapping of the buckle keep the bag air and water tight. This also creates a handle of sorts to carry the bag, to string multiple bags together, or to secure them to a pack or boat using a carabiner.

(ZIPPER SEAL)This dry bag has a press and seal type of zipper, kind of like a freezer bag. These are also effective in sealing out water. Unlike the roll top, proper lubrication is needed on zipper bags to keep the seal working correctly.

Of course, you can also tell me your needs, we can design a waterproof bag for you.

What can we do for you

In order to meet the different needs of customers, you may need a variety of customized projects. We can produce bags according to your requirements. We also have a strong development capability to help you solve all kinds of difficulties that you are meet.

As a stable supplier for many sellers, quality has always been our advantage, high quality is your reputation and our responsibility. In order to let you occupy the market as soon as possible, we can provide the best production time, high quality + fastest delivery time is your guarantee to win profits!